2014 photos posted

Well, almost two years later and I finally get the 2014 photos up!

2014 was actually a pretty darn good year for the cemetery — the weather was perfect, attendance was great and there were some excellent scares.

The best scare of all was the little witch that literally left her hat hanging in the air for a second when she took off running after I jumped at her. She came back to get it a few seconds later, all giggles and, “I *KNEW* you were real!”

Yeah, riiiiight…… 🙂

This year also featured some new additions:

  • The ol’ Jeep took part this year. It was set up to look like it had crashed through the cemetery fence and run over a couple of unfortunate zombies.
  • A new corpsified skeleton who hung out on the Jeep.
  • Me – hanging out on the Jeep and lunging out at people. I think this was probably one of the most successful scare setups.
  • The Skull Garden – a bunch of skulls impaled on spikes.

Visit the 2014 Photo Gallery.

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