300 feet of chain – woo hoo!

August is already halfway over so I’m late starting on this year’s Halloween preparations…

I did, however, just get a big carboard box full of 300 feet of plastic chain – that’s a lot of chain – for our display’s fence.

The cardboard box had been opened and re-sealed with bright yellow Canada Border Service Agency tape. I wonder if I’m on a special “keep an eye on this person” list now?

The plan is to extend the chain fence that circles the cemetery and add a second fence on the far side of the driveway to help direct people through the display.

We’d planned to extend the fence last year, but plastic chain isn’t overly cheap locally. At about $1.20 per foot, it adds up pretty quickly and your choice of colours run the gamut of… well… black or white.

Luckily, I stumbled across mrchain.com, a company that makes and sells plastic chain. They had some khaki coloured chain that was on clearance, which I thought would be a bit more authentic looking than shiny black or white. The chain is really more of an old gold looking colour, which is perfect for the halloween display and at about one-fifth the price of getting it locally I couldn’t resist.

A special thanks to the folks at Mr. Chain, too, as they were very accommodating with my “use anybody but UPS to ship to Canada” request.

Next step is to chop 300 feet of chain into three foot lengths and attach it to the fence posts.

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