After decorating our yard at Halloween for several years, and with each year getting spookier and spookier, we decided to formally give our haunt a name – Braeside Cemetery.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, some of our haunting highlights include:

  • Getting featured in the local newspaper.
  • Just about getting attacked by a trick-or-treater’s mom after I scared her.
  • Blanketing the entire block in a thick layer of fog.
  • Lots of drive-bys.
  • More and more visitors every year.

We tend to lean towards the more traditional “horror” side of Halloween in our displays. You’ll encounter half buried rotting skeletons, roaming zombies, thirsty vampires and any number of spiders, rats and crows. However, you’ll never, ever, see any “cute” cheesy inflatable neon ghosts or witches in our yard…

Inspiration for our yard haunt comes from a number of sources, not the least of which are the many, many horror movies watched with various nieces (who are also rather creepy, but in a cute way.)

Some ideas come from talking with other home haunt buffs or surfing other Halloween sites and blogs, while others just pop into my mind from time to time.

Another thing that helps is a natural inclination towards the dark and mischievous side of human nature. There’s a reason I have the nickname “Stevil” at work…

And if that’s not enough, there’s always the high-pitched screams of fright that come from the groups of teenage girls (and boys) out trick-or-treating when a “prop” suddenly leaps out at them.

(Wallpaper image is from: elvil / 123RF Stock Photo)

Happy Haunting,
The Gravedigger