Adding some creep to the coffin

While I prefer to make my own props, one that we did buy that’s worked well over the years is our coffin.

It’s just a cheap thing (as in quality, not price…) and I have plans to make a few good solid ones one of these years. For now, however, it’s a regular fixture in our haunt, but we’ve made a few additions to add some creep factor.

Because it’s essentially just a few thin plywood panels taped together, I poked a skeleton hand out between two of the sections. There’s no need for a full skeleton underneath, so just using the hand does the trick.

I also put a green outdoor floodlight underneath the coffin and prop one end of it up slightly. It’s usually fairly close to one of the fog machines, so the end result is a coffin with erie green fog drifting or swirling around it.


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