Alternative to expensive pumpkin flashers

Flickering candlelight gleaming from the depths of an evil grinning pumpkins is one of the most recognized Halloween symbols.

Unfortunately, Calgary weather is usually windy – and not just at Halloween. Because of this, candles just don’t work in our outside pumpkins.

We’ve tried a few different alternatives to candles over the years – everything from the super deluxe special pumpkin flasher (expensive!) to the cheap battery-operated tea lights (useless…)

This year, I ordered a whole bunch of inexpensive bike blinkies from one of my favourite online stores for cheap gadgets –

The lights were only a couple of dollars each, and shipping is free. They are shipped from Hong Kong, so take into account delivery times. The lights have five LEDs in them, and one of the blink patterns is a fairly random “flicker”.  While they’re not quite the same as the flickering light cast forth by a candle, they’re cheap, bright, reusable and don’t blow out.



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