An “old” cemetery fence

One of the new props for this year’s yard haunt is three sections of “old” fencing for the cemetery.

I wanted the fencing to look like it had been in place for years but, as with all the yard props, it had to be easy to put up and take down and – most importantly – store somewhere for the other 347 days of the year…

Assembling the fence was easy – just a couple of rails across three stakes. The fence boards themselves were cut down from 8′ lengths, and beveled at the top. This adds a little bit of character. When I screwed the boards into place, I angled them to give them a bit more of a run-down look.

Although the fencing is only temporary, it still had to be pretty solid. My original plan was just to hammer the stakes into the ground. However, when I gave that a test run it was pretty obvious that wasn’t going to work.

Plan B was to build and add some back supports. Because our front yard is angled, I had to build the supports at an angle so the fence would actually be semi-upright when they were put in place. The bottom of the supports have a hole drilled through them, and the supports then get spiked into the lawn.

The wood itself is mostly cedar, which was reclaimed from an indoor sauna that was donated by a friend.  The cedar sat in our back yard for about eight years. However, because it was covered, and cedar doesn’t rot, it still looked as good as new when I started cutting up the boards. I had some left over exterior white latex, but I didn’t want the fence to look gleaming white and shiny-new.  Watering down the paint gave it more of a white-wash look, which helped make the boards look like they hadn’t been painted for years.

Some of the extra touches include some fake barbed wire, random handfuls of dead garden weeds and plant material. Sprinkling these across the fence helps make it look like it’s been there for some time.


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