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2014 photos posted

Well, almost two years later and I finally get the 2014 photos up! 2014 was actually a pretty darn good year for the cemetery — the weather was perfect, attendance was great and there were some excellent scares. The best scare of all was the little witch that literally left her hat hanging in the air […]

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Walking Dead bicycle girl

Walking Dead toy sets

If you need a Walking Dead fix in-between seasons, you will soon have that option courtesy of McFarlane Toys. They’re currently available online (at least the ones are that haven’t already sold out yet….) and it sounds like Toys R Us will also be selling them in the fall.

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Halloween Infographic 2011

Halloween infographic

Are you a Halloween trivia guru? Did you know that in 2011, adults spent $1.21 billion dollars on Halloween costumes and $310 million on pet costumes? To boost your haunting stats knowledge even further, check out the following: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Halloween Statistics – 2011 Halloween Statistics 2012 Halloween By The Numbers – 2012

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DIY zombie prop hands

The zombies are revolting! Well, yes, they’re supposed to be, but this year they’ve started complaining about their hands and how un-scary they are. It’s embarrassingly true; for the past several years, the zombies have all being wearing work gloves. Why? Because the fake hands you can buy in stores are terrible and only seem […]

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Our First Pumpkin Carving Contest!

One of the most important elements of Halloween is kids. Without them there wouldn’t be trick or treating, cool costumes or yard haunts. Unfortunately, some kids aren’t able to get out to enjoy the scary sights, dress up or score huge pillowcases full of candy. So this year we decided to host our first annual […]

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PVC zombie prop bases

I have several half-zombies that hang out in the yard haunt each year, and they get spiked into the lawn and hopefully stay that way until the night is over. This year I wanted a way to mount them that was a little more reliable and that would let me mount them anywhere, not just on […]

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Zombie Survivor Race 2013

If you’re a fan of 5K fundraiser runs, here’s one you definitely won’t want to miss — the Zombie Survivor run in Cochrane, AB. The event takes place July 23, and you can register as either a human or as a zombie. Humans are given three flags and have to complete a 5K obstacle course […]

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We Are Monsters

An interesting Kickstarter project, this story is seen through the eyes of Lorna Thompson (Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones), a lonely suburban schoolgirl, who joins a mutant gang of teenagers on a quest to discover their true identities. They uncover a global conspiracy, which they must find the strength to fight before civilisation is […]

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