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2014 photos posted

Well, almost two years later and I finally get the 2014 photos up! 2014 was actually a pretty darn good year for the cemetery — the weather was perfect, attendance was great and there were some excellent scares. The best scare of all was the little witch that literally left her hat hanging in the air […]

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Our First Pumpkin Carving Contest!

One of the most important elements of Halloween is kids. Without them there wouldn’t be trick or treating, cool costumes or yard haunts. Unfortunately, some kids aren’t able to get out to enjoy the scary sights, dress up or score huge pillowcases full of candy. So this year we decided to host our first annual […]

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PVC zombie prop bases

I have several half-zombies that hang out in the yard haunt each year, and they get spiked into the lawn and hopefully stay that way until the night is over. This year I wanted a way to mount them that was a little more reliable and that would let me mount them anywhere, not just on […]

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2012 yard haunt / winter wonderland

It seems the weather’s getting worse each Halloween, although it’s hard to complain about the weather while Hurricane Sandy’s causing death and destruction. Our thoughts go out to all those who have lost loved ones, friends, family or their homes. This year we had about a foot of snow a couple of weeks prior to […]

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Haunt safety and law suits

This is one of those stories that makes you scratch your head and go, “hmmmm…”. A father is suing Six Flags for $30,000 after his daughter tripped and suffered scrapes and bruises trying to run away from a park employee who was part of the Fright Fest event.

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2011 yard haunt success!

Wow, this was a tough year for Halloween! It fell on a school night, it snowed in the morning, rained in the afternoon and the wind started getting crazy just as darkness started to fall. It became almost impossible to keep all the candles lit in the witch jars which was frustrating because I’d made […]

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Yard haunt to be shut down?

Well… I’m not sure if this a good thing or something to worry about. Our yard haunt now has several warning signs indicating that the CDC has designated our yard haunt a Level Three Infected Zone. That means only individuals with appropriate government authorization are permitted to be in those zones. I guess if a […]

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Yard haunt cake!

Our little guy made a cake of our yard haunt at one of his cooking classes. It’s complete with tombstones, zombies, spiders, freshly dug dirt and a wiggly green blob that’s apparently one of the garden beds. 🙂 It’s quite an honour to be immortalized in food, even if that food didn’t last long.

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2011 prop preview

Planning for this year’s haunt is well underway. A couple of new additions for this year include two skeleton sentinels roped up on some wooden crosses, lighting the way with flickering witch jars. Also new this year, are the “tables of oddities” — assorted dark magic and mysterious items source from around the world or […]

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