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Walking Dead bicycle girl

Walking Dead toy sets

If you need a Walking Dead fix in-between seasons, you will soon have that option courtesy of McFarlane Toys. They’re currently available online (at least the ones are that haven’t already sold out yet….) and it sounds like Toys R Us will also be selling them in the fall.

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Halloween Infographic 2011

Halloween infographic

Are you a Halloween trivia guru? Did you know that in 2011, adults spent $1.21 billion dollars on Halloween costumes and $310 million on pet costumes? To boost your haunting stats knowledge even further, check out the following: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Halloween Statistics – 2011 Halloween Statistics 2012 Halloween By The Numbers – 2012

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Zombie Survivor Race 2013

If you’re a fan of 5K fundraiser runs, here’s one you definitely won’t want to miss — the Zombie Survivor run in Cochrane, AB. The event takes place July 23, and you can register as either a human or as a zombie. Humans are given three flags and have to complete a 5K obstacle course […]

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We Are Monsters

An interesting Kickstarter project, this story is seen through the eyes of Lorna Thompson (Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones), a lonely suburban schoolgirl, who joins a mutant gang of teenagers on a quest to discover their true identities. They uncover a global conspiracy, which they must find the strength to fight before civilisation is […]

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TEDed - what makes a zombie?

Zombie education – from TEDed

The TEDtalks series covers almost every imaginable topic in many different areas such as science, music, environment, health, technology and more. They’ve presented talks on how schools kill creativity, why victims of domestic violence don’t leave and why you should have more insects in your diet. One subject I didn’t expect to see, though, was a […]

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Evil Dead: The Musical

It’s ba-aack! The Pumphouse Theatre is presenting a short run of the classic performance, “Evil Dead: The Musical” which will be running into early September. And, for those who like their entertainment to be more interactive, you can buy tickets to sit in the “splatter zone.” For more info and tickets, visit The Pumphouse Theatre.

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