Haunting soundtrack

Besides blanketing our neighbourhood in fog, we also have a creepy soundtrack that plays on a construction-site radio.

I use a Bosch jobsite radio as it’s essentially a loud outdoor weatherproof speaker.

Some of the other benefits to using a radio like this (and there are other brands of outdoor radio, such as Dewalt, Hummer, Jeep, etc.) include its volume, overall ruggedness and the several power outlets on the side. You can never have enough extension cords or power outlets for a good yard haunt. Also important is the ability to easily chain or lock this to something solid so it’s not somehow spirited away…

The sound track we use varies from year to year, but this year’s will include:

  • Interlude #2 – The Exorcism of Emily Rose soundtrack
  • Psycho (The Murder) – 101 Strings Orchestra
  • Halloween Theme – Halloween soundtrack
  • First Posession – The Exorcism of Emily Rose soundtrack
  • The Shining –  101 Strings Orchestra
  • Halloween vs Freddy Kreuger – not sure what this was from?
  • The Exorcism – The Exorcism of Emily Rose soundtrack
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula (The Beginning) – 101 Strings Orchestra
  • Dracula (Main Theme & Storm Sequence)

Most of these are available on iTunes, as are many other soundtracks from horror movies. Making your own playlist will add extra “eek”ness to any yard haunt.

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