Halloween costume for cyclists

A few years ago at an office Halloween bash I themed my costume to fit the lifestyle that most people connected with me, that of a year-round bike commuter. It’s a simple, but effective, costume that doesn’t take much effort or cost to put together. You’ll need: An old t-shirt, preferably a plain white one […]

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Adding some creep to the coffin

While I prefer to make my own props, one that we did buy that’s worked well over the years is our coffin. It’s just a cheap thing (as in quality, not price…) and I have plans to make a few good solid ones one of these years. For now, however, it’s a regular fixture in […]

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How to make glowing weathered columns

Making custom props for your Halloween yard display can be as simple as throwing together some scraps of wood to make some creepy looking entrance columns. For last year’s haunted cemetery display, I built two columns out of scrap plywood. To increase the spooky factor this year, I also added a flickering lantern box, also […]

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Halloween bash invitations

I’m running late on the invitations this year (spending too much time on all the other prop design!) Anyway, the design is now finished so it’s time to fire up the colour printer… The inspiration for the design of these invites comes from the amazing label design of Love Manor.

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Trick or Treat menu

A nice new sign will greet trick-or-treaters when they enter the cemetery this year. I still have to build a stand and a frame for it, but the poster is about 22″ high, and is protected with 5 mil exterior grade laminate front and back. The inspiration for the design of this sign comes from […]

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Cemetery entrance sign

After finishing the cemetery columns, I wanted to make a new entrance sign. The one we used last year was a quick “slap some paint on a board” sign, and there was no depth or real character to it. To give the sign some depth, I used thin plywood letters. While it probably would have […]

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And so it begins…

We get lots of questions and comments on our annual yard haunt – from “where did you get that” to “how long does this take to set up” and many others. Establishing an online presence was the next logical step, especially for how-to articles. Pumping up the scare factor in your yard haunt doesn’t have […]

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