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DIY zombie prop hands

The zombies are revolting! Well, yes, they’re supposed to be, but this year they’ve started complaining about their hands and how un-scary they are. It’s embarrassingly true; for the past several years, the zombies have all being wearing work gloves. Why? Because the fake hands you can buy in stores are terrible and only seem […]

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PVC zombie prop bases

I have several half-zombies that hang out in the yard haunt each year, and they get spiked into the lawn and hopefully stay that way until the night is over. This year I wanted a way to mount them that was a little more reliable and that would let me mount them anywhere, not just on […]

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2011 prop preview

Planning for this year’s haunt is well underway. A couple of new additions for this year include two skeleton sentinels roped up on some wooden crosses, lighting the way with flickering witch jars. Also new this year, are the “tables of oddities” — assorted dark magic and mysterious items source from around the world or […]

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Voodoo stuffies everywhere

Eeek — the house is getting overrun by the limp little bodies of unstuffed voodoo stuffies! We’re having a voodoo theme to our yard haunt this year, so we’re in the middle of making assorted dolls to grace our yard. Our theme this year was inspired by the little voodoo doll keychains available in the […]

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300 feet of chain – woo hoo!

August is already halfway over so I’m late starting on this year’s Halloween preparations… I did, however, just get a big carboard box full of 300 feet of plastic chain – that’s a lot of chain – for our display’s fence. The cardboard box had been opened and re-sealed with bright yellow Canada Border Service […]

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An “old” cemetery fence

One of the new props for this year’s yard haunt is three sections of “old” fencing for the cemetery. I wanted the fencing to look like it had been in place for years but, as with all the yard props, it had to be easy to put up and take down and – most importantly […]

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Cross spiders

Several large wooden crosses adorn our front yard each Halloween. They’re made from 2×6 boards and the ends of the crosses are beveled to add a bit more character to them. A few years ago, we came across some wire spiders at Walmart. They came in assorted sizes and were just a few dollars. I […]

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2008 yard haunt success!

Nailed it once again! Lots of screams, shrieks and dropped bags of candy. I’m still playing around with different coloured lighting. Sometimes I think red looks better, other times green seems to be more creepy looking. Check out the 2008 Photo Gallery for all the pics.

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2008 yard haunt test run

Last night we did a test run for some of this year’s yard haunt features. Not everything is up yet, as we don’t want any of the props “walking away”, but we still managed to get a few good photos. I’m not sure why, but it seems the night before Halloween is always the better […]

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Alternative to expensive pumpkin flashers

Flickering candlelight gleaming from the depths of an evil grinning pumpkins is one of the most recognized Halloween symbols. Unfortunately, Calgary weather is usually windy – and not just at Halloween. Because of this, candles just don’t work in our outside pumpkins. We’ve tried a few different alternatives to candles over the years – everything […]

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