The best tasting blood

One of the most frequently used items for costumes, props and Halloween meals is blood, and in both the real world and the Halloween world, quality is important.

In the real world, people with O negative are considered to be universal donors as A types, B types and O types can use it. It’s often the blood “of choice” for treating preemies, burn victims, cancer patients or emergency surgeries that require transfusions.

In the in-between-the-real-world-and-the-Halloween-world are vampires, and according to Ask Mystic Investigations, the best tasting blood is B- of which 2% of the populace has flowing through their veins.

In the Halloween world, the quality of “blood” you use is also important. For props and costumes, it needs to look realistic when it’s dry and when it’s wet.

And for Halloween parties, once of the best recipes I’ve seen is the Dracula’s Dream Juice from Creepy Cupcakes. In fact, I’m feeling a little thirsty right now…


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