Voodoo stuffies everywhere

Eeek — the house is getting overrun by the limp little bodies of unstuffed voodoo stuffies!

We’re having a voodoo theme to our yard haunt this year, so we’re in the middle of making assorted dolls to grace our yard. Our theme this year was inspired by the little voodoo doll keychains available in the vending machines in a nearby store.

I haven’t quite figured out how we’ll add ourselves into the theme yet. We could paint ourselves white, throw on a white loincloth kind of costume and be done, but… it’s often cold at Halloween here. Cold enough that you can see your breath and worry about snow (or more snow…) Standing outside for several hours wearing nothing but grease paint and a loin cloth just doesn’t sound that appealing…

So far the voodoo dolls are just looking cute. The next step is to make them look somewhat creepy…And… here’s one of the finished products — cute and creepy!


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