Zombie Wars – Calgary

If the lack of hockey has got you down or you’re getting tired of boring football or baseball there’s always MMA or…. take part yourself in the 2012 Zombie Wars!

It’s 2012 and the world is in chaos since the spread of the undead infection. Hordes of undead have engulfed the planet, eliminating most of the human race.

Over a heavily infected area of western Canada, a biplane carrying the only known cure for the infection crashed landed on a small island.

The best remaining humans have been gathered to brave the infested island to save humanity from annihilation. They are called The Hunters, and are humanity’s only hope for survival.

The Hunters’ mission is to recover all the lost cure scattered across the island within a critical time frame. Should they be overrun, the hope of saving humanity from annihilation will be lost and the Zombie’s will have taken over the world.

Participants can choose to be either on the Hunters team or the Zombies team.

The event takes place Saturday, August 11, 2012.

For more details or to purchase tickets (proceeds go to Brown Baggin’ It for Calgary’s Kids and the Jesse Kinley Memorial Fund), visit http://www.apocalypsewars.ca.


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